A downloadable game

This is a simple 3D island adventure-type game, created as part of an intro Unity course. It's the first (and only) playable version, since I accidentally deleted this terrain. :-) Hoping to rebuild and improve and expand it, though, now that I know more.

You play as Josh, a young man stuck on a deserted island. There are 5 objects scattered around the world that you have to collect to win.

Just a warning, since this is a demo, there are some rough spots. The character may hang on rough terrain, and if you go into the darker parts of the water, you'll have to start over. But no health or time limits to worry about, so feel free to explore.

Install instructions

The zip file contains an .exe and the game data. Save them to a folder on your computer and run the .exe file to play. To quit, just close the window.


Final_Game.zip 26 MB


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Nice game