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This kit is PACKED with all the images you need to begin designing puzzles, gadgets, machines, and other interactable devices for your games!  Uses include safes, locked doors, space ship control panels, puzzle boxes, radios, spy tools, and more!  Or, use the images as standard GUI elements for realistic game buttons, volume controls, or backgrounds.  So much potential from one kit!

What You Get:

Note: All buttons, switches, and lights come with separate On and Off states, and all other movable parts have been separated for animating.  Not all pieces are shown in the screenshots.  All images are in transparent .png format.

Plastic Buttons - 7 colors
Metal Buttons - 3 colors
Lights - 3 kinds, 18 total
Dials - 2 kinds
Switches - 3 kinds
Screws - 3 kinds, 7 total
Plates & Covers - 4 kinds, 8 total
Gauges & Displays - 5 kinds, including digital and analog
Locking Mechanisms - 5 kinds, including multiple images for safes, fingerprint scanner, and keycard reader
A/V Components - camera lens, speaker, input/output port, microphone
Mix & Match - 9 interchangeable pieces for creating custom components

PLUS 6 metal sheets (steel, brass, bronze; smooth and brushed overlay versions) and 3 device blanks (digital panel, WWII radio-like box, handheld remote) to get you started designing!

Want to try it out for free?  Get 10 free images in the sample pack!  Includes 2 buttons components (4 images total), 2 light components,  a switch, a hex socket screw, a keycard, and a numeric keypad.  If the sample works for you, come back for the full kit!


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9 USD. You will get access to the following files:

BuildAGadget.zip 3 MB

Download demo

BuildAGadgetSample.zip 85 kB


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I didn't know you use it for your games. I thought you use it for crafts.

You can use it for crafts, games, presentations, or anything you want to make really.  If you want to share a picture here, leave a comment and you'll see there are buttons on the comment toolbar that let you upload an image, add a link, video, etc.


Thumbs up.

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Thanks for the feedback.  I'm glad you like the kit.  If you buy it, I'd be interested in seeing what you create with it. 

I don't have enough itch.io money to buy it yet. But if i do i will totally buy it!

How to i show you what i create?

Sorry!  I thought I responded to this back when you asked it.  You can post links or images right on this comment board of whatever you create.